Peaches & SCREAM!

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Peaches & SCREAM!

This is our spring/summer vibe, a super happy sauce!

We saw the popularity of Bad Boy Blueberry and thought we need more insane flavours, this is one of many to come.

One for the masses, ideal for chicken, fish, shrimp, pork, over eggs, a table sauce for your fries etc, there's not much it wouldn't go on because of the fresh taste of it. I had it on a burger recently, peach hot sauce on a burger, time to put your ketchup in the bin people!

We should also say this IS NOT one of those crazy super hot sauces like those dumb YouTube challenges, but when we thought of the name it was too good to pass up. We are flavour over heat, baby.

Ingredients: Chillies, Peaches, Onion, Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt, little bit of sugar and a kiss from your mother. Shake well, keep refrigerated, and consume within 4 weeks of opening.

No chemicals or thickening agents like you find in the sauce at supermarkets, this is the real deal.

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